Monday, August 25, 2008

More Good News About Solar

The more news I see along these lines, the happier I'll be:
“You could supply the entire US with the sun power here in a little piece of the Southwest,” says Dan Kabel as he strolls beneath a row of trough-shaped mirrors. Mr. Kabel is chief executive of Acciona Solar Power, which owns the $266 million Nevada Solar One project. “As fossil fuel costs rise, this plant is unaffected. “If America doesn’t do this, if we don’t install many more of these clean solar-power systems, we’ll just end up seeing a lot more fossil-fuel plants instead.”
Worth mentioning is the following:
Concentrating solar technology produces electricity for about 17 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), Mehos estimates. But subsidies remain critical to solar thermal development in both the US and Spain, two global hotbeds of CSP development. With the federal investment tax credit, or ITC, costs drop to about 15 cents per kWh – low enough to compete with natural gas.
More solar, more wind, more nuclear, says I! Obama is two-for-three on the above (he waffles on nuclear), and McCain three-for-three thankfully.


Liam said...

More green tech postings would be good. Like the articles you link to. It seems like Wired magazine and many of the popular science mags have been running a lot of articles on green tech the last year, so there is a lot of interesting stuff out there. Here's one I suggest --

Thunderheart said...

Thanks, my friend!