Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thomas Barnett Teaches Me Something New (again)

As per Thomas P.M. Barnett, the U.S. is actually the #1 source of its own oil, with NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico comprising the #2 slot, then Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe (including the former Soviet Union) rounding out slots 3 through 6. Who knew? The Middle East, second to last in supplying oil to the United States!

This proves again Barnett's point that he's been making for a long while now -- that the war in Iraq has NOT been about stealing oil for the United States -- rather, we've been securing the oil that will be primarily going to other, Asian destinations by destroying the corrupt and murderous Saddam family chokehold on it, and replacing it with a far more transparent, less corrupt democratic government in Iraq. Better for the people of Iraq, definitely, and better for the world.

The thanks for our efforts have, of course, been overwhelming.

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