Thursday, October 16, 2008

Orson Scott Card nails what bugs me about Obama

As per usual, I'm late to the party as it was written on September 7, 2008, but I just ran across this excellent takedown of Obama by science fiction author Orson Scott Card:
Where and when has Obama taken anybody on in his own party? Where is his vote that flew in the face of his party's discipline, like many of McCain's? Obama liked to claim that McCain voted with President Bush ninety percent of the time. But that means McCain voted against a President from his own party ten percent of the time.

Meanwhile, Obama has voted with the extreme left of his party, right in line with the party leadership, one hundred percent of the time.

That ten percent of McCain's votes that went against his party is actually a remarkable record of independence. One that Obama has never even attempted.
I have nothing to add. Just read the whole thing.

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