Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An Initial Observation re: Palin's Speech

The crowd loves her, absolutely loves her. That can't be faked.

If enough Americans who aren't delegates to the Republican Convention end up feeling the same way about Governor Palin, I suspect we are seeing a national political star being born here.


Liam said...

I don't know if she will be a star or not. But for sure all the digging on her has begun.

Attached is the link for an interesting article E forwarded me related to Palin's religious back ground --

Thunderheart said...

I am curious whether E is reading my blog? I've not sent it to him because I remember our shouting matches, so I figured he'd not be interested.

Second to that, I appreciate the Huffington Post links, but I regard them as neutral in this race as Michelle Malkin is -- in other words, NOT.

Michelle Malkin's site and others like it is a home for far right-wing partisans, and Huffington Post is a home for far left-wing partisans.

Suffice to say, I take stuff from either extreme with a big grain of salt.

One source that is generally fairer, and more comprehensive, is Wikipedia. It's not perfect, but I find they do try to comb through everything and at least provide substantiating links over mere opinion.

Liam said...

regarding my response to the's what I wrote to E after I read the article.

> Interesting article, but seems like a bit of reaching to me personally. Though you have to give the liberals credit for playing hardball. Considering Palin no longer belongs to that church, if all things were even she would get a bit of pass on this as compared to Obama who still actually belonged to his church when that controversy arose. However I think the left wing blogosphere will jump on this for sure. This wont be the last of this.
> The reason I think its reaching as it relates to this article is that some of the controversial things said by the pastor and documented below were said after she and her family switched to another church.(Which is stated in the article.) For all we know they left the church because of the pastor.
> Overall I have the same problem with this article that I had with this controversy as it related to Obama. I put myself in their shoes -- would I want everything said or done by my religious leaders since I think we know what Catholic priests have been doing) to reflect on me. No I wouldn't.
> Liam

Thunderheart said...

Yeah, I'm with you, Palin left her controversial church back in 2002!

Would that Obama had shown such foresight with the Rev. Wright's church, I'd be much more sanguine about him if only that were true.