Saturday, September 13, 2008

McCain Surging

The Zogby polling group reports something of a surge underway toward McCain in critical battleground states!
In this latest adjustment of the Zogby map, Obama has lost 26 Electoral College votes from two states—Pennsylvania and New Mexico – both of which were moved from the Obama column into the toss-up column.

Meanwhile, McCain has gained enough ground to have—at least for now—captured a definitive lead in seven new states: Ohio, Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina, Montana, South and North Dakota. McCain’s gains total 54 Electoral College votes. Based on a Zogby analysis of other credible polling and demographic trends, the Zogby map is also moving four other states – Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and North Dakota from toss-ups into the McCain column.
The only bad news in this bunch is from North Carolina, in fact, where Obama has a surprising 1.5% percent lead.

This is Zogby we're talking about, so take it with the caution it deserves, but still, it's good news that I hope we see reported by other polling outfits.

Hat Tip: Hot Air, Gateway Pundit

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