Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Open Letter to Andrew Sullivan

I sent this to Mr. Sullivan via email, and wanted to share:

Dear Andrew,

I am writing you again for the second time in as many weeks.

First, I would love you to vet your candidate, Senator Obama, about whom you at least candidly admit you can longer be objective, as thoroughly and aggressively as you have been going after Governor Palin.

Second, you have the gall to still demand medical records showing that Trig is Governor Palin's child? Even when the record now shows Bristol, Trig's putative mother, was getting pregnant around the same time Trig was born in April? Are you seriously alleging that Bristol gave birth to one child, had it covered up with the "Gov. Palin gives birth to Downs baby" story, and then got busy making another one?

What next? Are you going to follow this up by demanding, as per the whisper campaign in South Carolina's 2000 Republican primary, that the McCains present their adoption papers for Bridget (their Bangladeshi daughter) to prove without a shadow of a doubt that she wasn't a black child of McCain's born out of wedlock?

As a Democrat who was with you for Kerry in 2004, I am saddened because you have truly descended into the sewer out of your zeal for your candidate Obama, who has just as many questions of experience, competence and character as you repeatedly allege Governor Palin to have.

If you had ripped Obama with as many vicious low-blow allegations over his complicated past associations, I could at least see you as being even-handed in your sewer tactics.

That is not remotely the case, alas. I will leave you with some final thoughts:

1) In the name of evenhandedness, will you at least call Obama a former state senator, since your preferred way of referring to Gov. Palin is as ex-mayor of a tiny Alaskan town. If we're going to demote people to the previous level on their resume, we might as well be consistent across the board. So McCain can become former Congressman McCain, and Biden can become... what did he do before becoming a Senate lifer anyway?

2) I look forward to your equally obsessive and probing contrasting of Obama's claims to be a reformer with the fact that he's been since his first political foray a member in good standing of the corrupt Daley dynastic machine in Chicago, replete with his connections to the money-man/fixer of said machine, Tony Rezko, now awaiting sentencing for his felony convictions.

3) What will happen when Obama inevitably disappoints you, as Bush has?

I truly feel you have gone beyond the pale here, and it saddens me because I have long felt that, while you definitely get passionate about what you believe, there have always been certain lines of propriety and respect you would not cross in your writing -- no matter how incensed you got. I believe that no more.

Very truly yours,

Thunderheart (note: not my real name)


Liam said...

You should check out this link for the contrarian view of Palin from within Alaska. Very interesting -- http://mudflats.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/what-is-mccain-thinking-one-alaskans-perspective/

Thunderheart said...

Thanks for the link, Liam, I'd already read it previously as it was linked at Andrew Sullivan's site.

Speaking of whom, it is this sort of crap that he is still peddling in defiance of all common sense that infuriates me so! Why the hell does Sarah Palin need to release medical records proving her baby, Trig, is truly hers?

That's the sewer tactics I'm talking about, not the stuff that legitimately looks at her views, her record, and her experience.